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Can i predict metabolites for a single species with MelonnPan?

I have a whole genome sequence data for only a particular unknown species (not for whole microbiome). Now, the final goal is to identify the species and predict its metabolite. So can I run the WGS sequence of this unknown bacteria with MetaPhlAn and then HUMAnN and use the HUMAnN output for MelonnPan to get its metabolite?
Is it a valid idea? Can i do that?
If not, then cam you please suggest any software or something that I can use for the same purpose?


I would not recommend running single-genome sequencing through bioBakery tools. You would be better off pursuing tools developed specifically to annotate microbial genomes (e.g. Prokka), some of which can also perform metabolic network inference (which would be a way to predict metabolites that would be produced/used by a given species).