Specifying continuous variables in MaAsLin

Hello! Thank you for your amazing work developing the MaAsLin tool. I have successfully been able to upload my data into the R environment and run the tool. However, the tool appears to be trying to create boxplots for the continuous variables and it ends up printing out a series of empty graphs (just axes; no data). If I check the structure of the variables in the data frame they are listed as numeric. Is there something else I can do to signal that I am using continuous variables (a set of 4 continuous variables in this specific case) as fixed effects in the model?

Thank you for your assistance,

Hi -

This sounds strange as based on your description MaAsLin should know to plot these as scatter plots. Would you mind sharing your data with us? You can post here if comfortable or email me at siyuanma@g.harvard.edu.


I am having a similar problem, I posted my code in a recent issue!