Samples without control

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing your tool with us!

I am trying to use MMUPHin on my data for differential abundance for metagenomics
First i used the tutorial on th CRC data and it al worked fine

As i moved to my data - 5 sample of 3 responders and 2 nonresponders from a single study, i figured 2 things:

  1. i cant use it for a single study (i could solve it by changing my data for 2 studies)
  2. i cant use it without control (and i dont have control samples)

might be that i am missing something :slight_smile:
i will be happy to hear back from you!

Hi -

Thanks for your interests! May I ask what your analysis goal is? It sounds like there are no batches/studies here, which is what MMUPHin is designed for. If you’re interested purely in differential abundance testing (comparing responders and non responders), I’d suggest checking out the lab’s MaAsLin2 tool.