Replicating MaAsLin2 (-log(qval)*sign(coef)) calculation in EXCEL

Hello MaAsLin2 Users and Developer,

I replicated the heatmap (-log(qval)*sign(coef)) caculcation in EXCEL, at least I think I did it correctly. But I encountered two intriguing outcomes. First, my calculated value has the opposite sign compare to the coef value present in the “significant_results.tsv” file. Please see attached CSV file.
MaAsLin2 result for help forum.csv (1.6 KB)
Secondly, to me it seems that the heatmap value (in the below graph in dark blue) is by far bigger then 9 but my calculated (-log(qval)*sign(coef)) value, (Figure below the heatmap) is around 9. Thus, could somebody please let me know whether my EXCEL calculated (-log(qval)*sign(coef)) value is correct. Because according to the heatmap colour it should be more then 9. Or is the heatmap colour just a rough indication of the value.
Thanks for you help,