How to interpret maaslin2 results?


I’m a new user of maaslin. It is a great tool! I have some trouble to interpret maaslin result.
Let’s say, my target is to check the difference between infected and non-infected group (variable name: hsv_1_bool), but I also need to know if gender, race, time points are confounders. I fit a masslin model using below code:

    input_data = infant_otu_data,
    input_metadata = infant_sample_data,
    max_significance = 0.05,
    output = "~/my_folder\ maaslin_output",
    fixed_effects = c("infection", "gender","race","time"),
    reference = c("race, African American"))

Then I got a heat map like this:

Does this mean: with all other variable as confounders, ASV_75 is significantly enriched in hsv_1_bool TRUE group? But how do I know which variable (Or which several variables) are the confounder(s) led to this result? (for example, in female and Asian group, ASV_75 is found significantly enriched in hsc_1_bool TRUE)?