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How can MaAsLin2 be used to adjust for covariates (such as age and sex)?

Dear Sir or Madam,
First, Maaslin2 is wonderful. Thank you for this tool!
It is the first time for me to use Maaslin2, but I am not clear about some details, so I would like to consult you. When I built a model that with one predictor (disease type) and three covariates(age, gender, BMI) , I want to ask how to adjust three covariables by using the Maaslin2 model? Just put four variables (disease type,age, gender, BMI) in the model, right?
Thanks for answering my question!

If I’m understanding your question correctly you’ll want something like this:

fit_data = Maaslin2(
    input_data = input_data, 
    input_metadata = input_metadata, 
    output = "demo_output", 
    fixed_effects = c("disease_type", "age", "gender", "BMI"),
    reference = c("disease_type,control", "gender,M"))

You’ll likely need to adjust this command according to how you have your data structured in R. You can find examples that might help you on the Maaslin2 tutorial.

I appreciate you answering my questions.Thank you !