Feature ID's as Independent Variable

Hello! We are interested in how the microbiome relates to social behavior. However, we want to have social behavior as our dependent variable and the microbiome as a fixed effect. Is there a way to do this in MaAsLin2? Or does MaAsLin2 only allow for the microbiome/feature IDs to be the dependent variable?

This is our current model (“degree_log10_std” is our measure of social behavior that we want to have as the dependent variable).

fit_data ← Maaslin2(
input_data, input_metadata, ‘maaslin2_output/degree’,
fixed_effects = c(‘degree_log10_std’,‘group_size’,‘age’,‘valley_position’,‘sex’),
random_effects = c(‘uid’,‘year’),
normalization = “CLR”,
standardize = FALSE)

Does anyone know how to make “degree_log10_std” the dependent variable and feature IDs a fixed effect? Thank you so much!

This is something we’ve discussed for Maaslin3 but is not planned for Maaslin2. You might find it useful to run Maaslin2 for the normalization/transformation, then pass the processed data to a different model of your choosing.

Thank you so much @andrewGhazi! I really appreciate your time and help.