Error: Simulating data using calibrate parameter


I am providing a (n x p) matrix of counts to the sparseDOSSA function. I am getting the following error:

Parameters BEFORE Calibration File
Length exp NA Length vdMu NA length vdSD NA length vdPercentZero NA Read depth 8030
start funcCalibrateRLNormToMicrobiome
Reading file.
Start funcGenerateExpVectorParameters
Error in if ((log(dSD)^2 - log(dEx)) > 745) warning(paste(“mu = e^(-x), but x =”, :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
In addition: Warning message:
In sparseDOSSA(calibrate = “sdInput_v1.csv”, percent_spiked = 0.6, :
number of associations = 0, and no spike file specified; no bug-bug spike-ins will be done.

sdossa ← sparseDOSSA(calibrate =“sdInput_v1.csv”,
percent_spiked = 0.6,
number_metadata = 1,
#spikeStrength = “3.0”, # fold change? regression coef?
seed = 121