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PhD candidate at my final year (6 months left to finish) .

My current lab and supervisor are at HCMR (Crete Greece) under Costas Tsigenopoulos. I work on applied genomics of new aquaculture fish. My interests though are towards comparative genomics and metagenomics. I am interested heavily in studying symbiosis and holobionts in marine organisms as well as the evolution of these mechanisms the advantages and disadvantages they offer. I am interested in studying more general features of evolution concerning the urochordates/cephalochordates in relation to vertebrates or having a deeper understanding of the interplay between viruses-bacteria as “symbiosis” mechanisms and viruses-bacteria-marine organisms in that regard.

My transition to bioinformatics has started before the quarantine where i completed 4 courses of the John Hopkins Genome data specialization course in coursera.
From then on i am running analyses in our HPC cluster at HCMR with my first side project the use of metaphlan 3.0 as a fast and efficient solution to characterize metagenomic whole genome shotgun data.

My name is Orestis Nousias