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Raw shotgun metagenome and metatranscriptome output size

Hello Huttenhower Lab,
I am sending some samples for shotgun metagenome and metatranscriptome and wanted to decide on a flowcell in NovaSeq 6000. From what I was reading from your lab’s previous publication (, the average raw output size is around 3.8 ± 1.8 Gnt for DNA and 2.8±2.4 Gnt for RNA. I calculated my flowcell (S1-output 400-500Gb) according to this publication.
I want to double-check if it’s still the case now (2 years after the publication) with the average output size for human stool samples? Am I calculate samples correctly by average 4Gnt/sample*90 samples=360Gnt total output ~ equivalent to S1 output of 400-500 Gb? This question maybe very basic, is the Gnt equivalent to Gb?
I noticed lots of paper didn’t mention the raw data size and jump into analysis directly.
Thank you for your time!