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Pseudomonas fluorescens group

One of my species found is pseudomonas fluorescens group. Just slightly confused why that is as Pseudomonas fluorescens group is a species group not species. Is there any particular reason why species group level is chosen as the output profile instead of species level?


Thank you!

Hi Jeffrey,
Yes, the species present in the Pseudomonas fluorescens group showed a high number of markers with a high ‘uniqueness’ score, so in order to reduce the number of false positives that would be raised by the misidentification of multiple species present in the same species group, we proceeded to identify unique markers for the whole species groups.

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Could you elaborate on what uniqueness score represent? I would assume that high uniqueness score of markers for a species would reduce chances of false positive for other species without that high uniqueness marker. Thank you.

The uniqueness score is a counter of how many other species share the same marker, the lower the number is, the better.
The best markers should be unique, so with uniqueness=0, in case not enough unique markers are found, we select the non-unique marker (quasi-markers) shared with the fewest number of species.