MetaPhlAn database file IDs


I am using MetaPhlAn2 through HUMAnN2 and, like many people, had been having issues downloading mpa_v20_m200.tar and mpa_v20_m200.md5 once they were moved from bitbucket. Luckily I found the new Google Drive that has the most up-to-date database files, however I am having an issue.
Since I am calling HUMAnN2 and downloading all my databases using Snakemake, I am unable to download the mpa_v20_m200.tar and mpa_v20_m200.md5 files through the Google API without their file IDs. Would I be able to get the file IDs for those two files?

Thank you for your time!

What do you mean with “file IDs” ?

Hi Francesco,

The official Google definition is: “A unique opaque ID for each file. File IDs are stable throughout the life of the file, even if the file name changes. Search expressions are used to locate files by name, type, content, parent container, owner, or other metadata.”

It’s easy to access if you’re the file owner! On this Stackoverflow question both the answers by RomRoc and user2510474 offer fast, secure ways to find the file ID.
TL;DR if you create a shareable link of the file, the ID is a string in the link.

Here the direct links for the tar file ( and the md5 file (

Thank you so much Francesco! I appreciate the help. MetaPhlAN is awesome!