MetaPhlAn bioconda recipe missing

I’m looking to use the script via a bioconda installed MetaPhlAn3 conda environment.

However, although I see the script is present in the tarball that is downloaded in the bioconda recipe (i.e. the release on the MetaPhlAn github repo)

The script is not present in the resulting MetaPhlAn environment as installed with

conda create -n metaphlan -c bioconda metaphlan

i.e. is no in path and not present in


I also notice that the recipe only tests some of the utility scripts, but not all.

I was wondering if there was a particular reason why the 2krona script (among others) has been excluded from the bioconda recipe, and if not, whether it could be added in a re-build of the recipe?

Note I also don’t see any reference to only including certain files in neither the meta.yml not pre-unlink scripts on the bioconda recipe folder, unless this is a something defined within the pip command (I’m not particularly familiar with the python ecosystem, so sorry if that is a stupid question)?