MaAslin2 Interactions with Gender and Trial


I have a data set that includes pre/post sequences (for which I termed the “trial” variable). MaAslin2 was a great tool to check for differences following the trial. However, I also want to look at gender differences as an interaction with the trial (so not just the overall difference in gender, which I believe would clump my pre/post data together).

I believe I would want an interaction term (am new to this kind of analysis). Am I correct in thinking that adding “Trial” and “Gender” as fixed effects would not give me the output I am looking for? I am having a hard time understanding the interaction tutorial.

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You want an interaction effect if the combined effect of gender and trial goes above and beyond the effect of changing them individually. Simulated explanatory example:

If you decide you want to include an interaction variable, the model.matrix() function in R can help set up the necessary metadata variables. Something like model.matrix(~gender*trial, data = d) in your case.

On top of what @andrewGhazi said, once you create the interaction variable, you need to supply both the main variables as well as the interaction variable to MaAsLin 2 as fixed effects. You may want to subset your results table to the interaction term only and re-compute the q-values to reduce the burden of multiple testing but the above strategy should give you what you are looking for.

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Thank you both for your help! I did have a followup questions. When I use the interaction terms, in my case it ended up being this,

fixed_effects = c(“SexMALE”, “TrialPRE”,“SexMALE:TrialPRE”),

only SexMALE and TrialPRE ended up in the results. Am I miss understanding or should the interaction be included in the results?

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You need to make sure the interaction metadata variables are in your input metadata. Example from the Maaslin2 tutorial: MaAsLin2 · biobakery/biobakery Wiki · GitHub