Lefse_run.py never finish

Good morning. I’m running a lefse protocol with the phyton version and when I run the lefse_run.py command, it never finishes and I only get the first line of the process in the terminal after six hours running.
lefse_run.py 16Sallpreparado.in 16Sallresults2.0.res -y 0 -l 2.0
Number of significantly discriminative features: 2053 ( 2053 ) before internal wilcoxon
Is the problem the processing time or is the process not working? Best regards.

It’s been more than a day and the process is still the same, any ideas?

Apologies for the delay in response. I’m not sure about this, other than it seems like you might have a rather large dataset if there are 2053 significant features. If you’re still having this problem, approximately how many features/samples are in your data?